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ULI Real Estate Consensus Forecast A Survey of Leading Real E state Economists/Analysts
USC Casden Forecast: MF Rents Expected to Soar at Least 2 More Years
CRE’s Next Big Thing: Innovation Centers
What’s Driving Affordable Momentum?
Can Apt. Supply Meet the Coming Demand?


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USC Casden Forecast: MF Rents Expected to Soar at Least 2 More Years

USC Casden Forecast: MF Rents Expected to Soar at Least 2 More Years

April 13, 2016

The 2016 USC Casden Multifamily Forecast released this week revealed that higher demand for apartments across Southern California is expected to keep vacancies low, and drive significant rent increases over the next two years. A big reason for that is most multifamily construction in Southern California targets higher income renters, and does little to control rent.
Vacancy rates are projected to continue their gradual decline through 2018.

CRE’s Next Big Thing: Innovation Centers

CRE’s Next Big Thing: Innovation Centers March 25, 2016 | By Carrie Rossenfeld These emerging US markets are all attracting new businesses, residents and capital. What are these population magnets doing right?(From the 2016 Annual Review & Forecast Issue)
This is an HTML version of an article that ran in Real Estate Forum. To see the story in its original format, click hereInnovation is at the heart of any global market.

What’s Driving Affordable Momentum?

What’s Driving Affordable Momentum?
April 1, 2016 | ByNatalie Dolce
BOSTON—Activity within the affordable niche has been robust with 2015 being a record setting year in terms of transaction volume and pricing. found out who are the buyers and what is driving the market in this two-partEXCLUSIVEQ&A.

Part 1 of 2BOSTON—Earlier this year, SVN namedSVN Affordable | Levental Realty LLCthe top franchise in its firm, having completed 20 transactions valued at $175 million across 17 states.

Can Apt. Supply Meet the Coming Demand?

CAMBRIDGE, MA—Harvard’s latest study of rental housing underpinned an open letter from Lloyd Jones Capital’s Chris Finlay, while Clyde Holland testified before Congress last week. All cited the growing gap between affordable supply and renter demand.
CAMBRIDGE, MA—Harvard University’s annual study of rental housing was on the industry’s radar again this past week, as Lloyd Jones Capital CEO Chris Finlay sent out an open letter via email, summarizing his impressions of the study. Originally published this past December, the study from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies notes that renter households now number nearly 43 million out of 116 million US households.

10 Tips On How I “Networked” My Way To My First Million Dollars

10 Tips On How I “Networked” My Way To My First Million Dollars
I was sitting in my office with 2 of my team members here at Carrot spitballing ideas… and Alex on our team asked a simple question that inspired this post. It’s funny where brainstorming sessions can lead sometimes. This one made me look back and connect the dots on what took me from a financially broke introvert, to well connected, to my first million dollars (and beyond). We producea lot of contenthere at Carrot.

Millennials Will Have A Dramatic Impact On Real Estate

-1- © 2015 Christopher E. Lee, CEL & Associates, Inc.
Issue K091215
Millennials Will Have A Dramatic
Impact On Real Estate!
In This Issue
♦ Inspirational And Aspirational
♦ Millennials And The Boom Ahead
♦ Millennials And Housing
♦ Millennials And Retail
♦ Millennials And Office Space
♦ Clouds On The Horizon
♦ What’s Ahead
♦ Closing Comments
Friends & Colleagues:
Born between 1977 and 1996, the Millennials (also called Generation Y), 87 million strong, are coming of age. They are now between ages 19 and 38, and have either entered or are entering adulthood experiencing:

Mezzanine Debt Explained in Plain Egnlish

Mezzanine financingis a sometimes confusing part of the capital structure in a real estate transaction. Part of the reason for this is that the term mezzanine is really a catch-all for an entire category of non-senior mortgage debt, non-common equity instruments that can fill a capitalization gap between them.
Mezzanine (“middle”) financing can take the form of debt or equity, more specifically:
  • Junior debt, such as a second mortgage
  • Preferred equity
  • Convertible debt
  • Participating debt
Senior mortgage debt

Gene Trowbridge Shares The Inside Scoop on Act Saga

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Gene Trowbridge Shares The Inside Scoop on Act Saga
For those that have been waiting to see how to JOBS Act plays out with the SEC, this story continues to evolve... kinda like a soap opera. 
We are speaking with Gene Trowbridge, a leading syndication and who has been relentlessly following the enactment of the JOBS Act of 2012, especially as it works its way through the SEC. 
Gene has been in the real estate business for over 30 years as a CCIM faculty member teaching the syndication business to new and experienced investors, and he's also a practicing securities attorney where he has helped form some 50+ syndications in the last 18 months.

Rental Property Benefits

Rental Property Benefits

One of the greatest advantages to owning investment real estate is the potential for passive income that does not need to be earned. This is one of the many reasons that investors are attracted to rental properties.
However, the benefits of rental properties go much further than just the rental income. This article will focus on the other benefits associated with rental properties and a few rules that will help you get the most from having rental properties in your investment portfolio.

s Your Real Estate Investment Structured To Lower Risks While Increasing Profits?

Is Your Real Estate Investment Structured To Lower Risks While Increasing Profits?
David Campbell

One of my most prized skills as a professional investor is my ability to sniff out amazing real estate investment opportunities and then engineer creative and lucrative deal structures to lower investment risks while increasing investor profits. 
While choosing a strong market and property are certainly important pre-requisites to a successful real estate investment, I view individual properties as pawns in a larger game of financial strategy; the financial and ownership structures surrounding a real estate investment have more impact on my bottom line than the sticks and bricks in the transaction.
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