Naqa Capital Management  - Capital Formation and Capital Placement
Networking With Private Investors -Investment Criteria
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Investment Structure:
Equity Investment Size:
Investment Types:
Length of Investment:
Asset Classes:
Geographical Location Preference:
Investor/partner Qualification:
Primarily equity partners and major equity interest in joint ventures.
Generally $25,000 to $20 million equity capital commitment per transaction.
Real estate and real estate related investments:
Single family asset investments, multifamily portfolio investments.
Emphasis on value enhancement through repositioning of existing property. 
2 to 5 years
Invest in multifamily, low income senior housing, multi-unit town homes.
Primarily Southern California.
Private investors must be certified strategic investors and are able to show proof of ability to invest funds.
Potential operating/development partners must show successful tract record and have an established platform of local expertise.
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